Challenge Category Value Time
welcome misc1
comms misc5
heatup crypto100
warmup crypto50
clouseau web25
SafeSpace pwn50
cappy forensics25
how_is_this_still_a_thing web50
Seashore pwn100
php is the worst web150
dummycrypt crypto100
authy forensics150
Lunchtable Simulator pwn150
hidenseek rev50
barlab rev100
popcorn pwn250
hichal misc100
DirT web200
barlabverse2 rev150
RED-STONE misc100
yourls web50
remsleep crypto150
Nevernote CSP web250
corporate rev150
dense misc150
jungle rev250
wild_world web300
chunky forensics200
STB crypto200
T1_crackme rev400
Nevernote Pickle web300
robin pwn200
time to mov it rev250